Ryan Morrison has lead the longest running accredited degree program for game design & development in the nation at Camden County College all while running a small design studio that started as a basement project to publish more than a dozen video games and analog titles that also spawned a monthly mystery box for yo-yo’s, a bi-annual pop culture event that thousands attend, play in tournaments and just geek out at and a retail location that started as a board game reseller and has emerged into the regions “nerdy” HQ (AKA The Nerd Mall) that houses board games, video games, action figures and toys, comic books, records, skateboards and so much more in two amazing locations in Southern, NJ- Woodbury & Pennsgrove.

Island Officials started as a ‘basement project’ and eventually launched into a fully operational game development and web design studio. The studio started in 2007 with Morrison and his partner, Ryan Harbinson and quickly expanded into a co-op studio of more than 20 members. Morrison has led both management and creative teams at Island Officials in the development of more than thirty games and applications and hundreds of websites.

Alongside Island Officials, Morrison was a software engineer at Vencore (formerly The SI Organization, Inc and formerly part of Lockheed Martin), is the lead instructor, and visionary, of the Game Design & Development AAS program at Camden County College, Co Owner/Operator of Tiki Tiki Board Games, and is the creator and co organizer of SJ Geekfest. From 1993 through 2008 Morrison’s involvement in the game industry was focused on multi-unit, specialty and big-box retail business development. During this time Morrison worked with companies such as Blockbuster Video, Funcoland, Gamestop, Toys R Us and GameCrazy. Additionally he took a position with Buttonshy Games as a Logistics Coordinator and aids in their mission. Recently he has signed on as the Operating Officer to Fleming Tech Camps aiding in the scaling of that business into a larger venture as they grow. 

Morrison was a long standing member and is still a supporter of the Philadelphia Chapter of the IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association) and is also the founder/adviser for Camden County College’s Game Design Guild. Morrison has been a Trustee for Main Street Woodbury Inc., a trustee for the FAF Coalition and the Chair for Woodbury Heights Community Center and sits on the board for the Computer Graphics Department at Camden County College. His educational background is in Media Design and Art from Gloucester County College (RCGC) and The Art Institute of Philadelphia and a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Design from Wilmington University. He is currently enrolled in a Masters program for Educational Technology also from Wilmington University.

Additionally Morrison has been married for over twenty years to his best friend Kristina and they have two children, Gabriel & Grace and live in Southern New Jersey. His interests span a lot of geek culture and is an avid comic book and graphic novel reader. Video & Analog games have played a large part of his free time from childhood to present day he also enjoys skill toys like yo-yo’s and Kendamas. He enjoys traveling for work and play.