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Ryan Morrison has lead the longest running accredited degree program for game design & development in the nation at Camden County College all while running a small design studio that started as a basement project to publish more than a dozen video games and analog titles that also spawned a monthly mystery box for yo-yo’s, a bi-annual pop culture event that thousands attend and a retail location that started as a board game reseller and has emerged into the regions “nerdy” HQ (AKA The Nerd Mall) that houses board games, video games, action figures and toys, comic books, records, skateboards and so much more in an amazing 6000SF in downtown Woodbury, NJ.


Current Body of Work

Below are links to my current projects. Please click on the individual images to see what I am up to.

My position with Camden County College helps my students to produce projects from concept to market through our 4 semester program. At Island Officials we are developing websites and games and created a podcasting studio attached to our offices. Tiki Tiki Board Games is a retail operation dealing with Board & Card Games that we Buy, Rent & Sell that has evolved into The Nerd Mall, a 6000SF space that buys, sells and trades in action figures, toys, board and video games, comic books, records and so much more.

SJ Geekfest is a twice a year event that celebrates pop culture and collectibles and fun.

The Monthly Throw is a subscription based website that delivers a monthly mystery box of yo-yo’s to it’s subscribers.

At Buttonshy I am a logistics coordinator and help them deliver an excellent product to their customers. 

Additionally I am a full time contractor with Bryn Mawr Trust where I am a visual communicator inside their CTO department. 



Expert 95%
Expert 96%
In Design
Proficient 85%
Proficient 80%
Project Software
Proficient 87%
Expert 89%
Risk Assesment & Mitigation
Expert 94%
Talent Assesment & Aquisition
Expert 92%
Expert 98%
UX/UI Design & Development
Expert 92%
Game Design & Development
Expert 95%
Audio Mixing/Production
Proficient 82%
Video Production
Expert 90%
Proficient 80%
Proposal Development
Proficient 85%
Event Planning
Expert 93%



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